M/S MAMA MARIJA is the newest addition to our growing and versatile fleet of small cruise ships, brand new luxury yacht built for the summer 2018.

Maiden voyage aboard a new ship is unquestionably something special, something that doesn’t happen twice. Therefore, we are proud to have you as our inaugural and very first passengers.

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M/S EQUATOR is a luxury yacht-like ship that will satisfy your refined expectations for a comfortable cruise along the Croatian Coast.

Built for the season 2017 with latest state-of-the-art equipment and amenities, guaranteeing intimate cruise for all guests.



M/S APOLON is a MEGA BOAT, built for the summer 2016, that we will use for chartered groups. 

You do not need anything else for a perfect holiday for your group.


splendid cruise

M/S SPLENDID is built in Split shipyard for our agency for the summer 2014 according to new EU standards.

Perfect size for cruising with its elegant 18 cabins, yacht-like ship will satisfy your refined expectations for a comfortable cruise along the Adriatic Coast. You do not need anything else for a perfect holiday.


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M/S CAPTAIN BOTA is a new motor yacht larger than others in size, fully air-conditioned, built in Split shipyard in July 2015 according to newest European standards.

We look forward to welcoming you aboard our new ship, perfectly designed for the sparkling Croatian Coast and for carefully tailored itineraries which sample the very essence of what sets our corner of the world apart.



M/S ATLANTIC is ship that was built in July 2014 and we are looking forward to be your host.

We are inviting you to explore little towns of the Dalmatian islands, hidden bays and the most attractive sightseeing areas of the Croatian Coast and to take the best pictures of the coastal scenic beauty reflected on the sea surface, to smell pink heather to taste the autumn fruits.