Our Fleet

M/S Ambassador

Constructed to comply with the newest European cruise ship standards, M/S AMBASSADOR is a part of our growing and versatile fleet of small cruise ships. M/S AMBASSADOR is a luxury yacht made to satisfy your refined cruise expectations.

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M/S Captain Bota

With M/S CAPTAIN BOTA, the beauties and treasures of Croatian coast and islands are at your hand’s reach. Just as if you were cruising aboard your own private luxury yacht!

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M/S Invictus - Inaugural Season

Check M/S INVICTUS, the latest addition to our growing fleet. Its maiden voyage is scheduled for summer 2020. The inaugural season is always special, and M/S INVICTUS is no different.

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M/S Mama Marija

All of our luxury small cruise ships are small and powerful. This also means they are designed to take you where the bigger vessels cannot go, to navigate through the narrow waterways into the very hearts of bustling Dalmatian cities, to anchor in unspoiled and hidden Adriatic bays, to dock in small Croatian island ports.

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M/S San Spirito - Inaugural Season

M/S SAN SPIRITO is another addition to our fleet. It maiden voyage is scheduled for season 2020. We are very proud of the fact that all of the small cruise ships are designed and constructed in Croatia.

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M/S Splendid

M/S SPLENDID is our first and oldest ship. It is constructed in 2014. As a 5 year old ship, it is the oldest in our fleet but holds special place in our hearts.

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M/S Summer

M/S SUMMER is 42,40 m long and 8 m wide luxury yacht-like ship that will satisfy your refined expectations for a comfortable and safe cruise along the Croatian Coast.

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M/S Swallow

M/S SWALLOW is the latest addition to our growing and versatile fleet of small cruise ships, whose maiden voyage was in summer 2019.

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